A. Objectives.

    To provide a shooting format whereby owners of Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifles can shoot monthly matches on their own schedules and submit their results via email to a central location. With Box Stock, Lite Mod and Open classes, there's something for every level of experience and sophistication. Sportsmanship is required, as we rely on the competitors’ integrity and honor to comply with our general rules and regulations.


    B. Definitions.

    Rifles must be Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifles shooting .22LR or .17caliber. .22 Mag is not allowed in this series. If there is enough interest in this caliber it can be added later.



    A match is a monthly event , in which competitors participate by shooting identical targets in an identical course of fire. You may post one entry per class each month.


    Box Stock Class guns may be shot in all classes. Lite Mod Class guns may be shot in Lite Mod or Open Class. Open Class guns may only be shot against other Open Class guns.



    Box Stock class will be limited to factory production, generally ‘out-of-the-box’ unmodified in any respect gun. Muzzle brakes and suppressors are permitted, but not barrel tuners. No weight or optics limitations.

    Lite Mod Class will be limited in general. Barrels may be replaced with another original factory barrel identical to the one being replaced. Triggers may be upgraded with an after market one. Stocks may be bedded to improve the action’s fit. Muzzle brakes and Suppressors are permitted, but not barrel tuners. No weight or optics limitations.


    Open Class guns are those comprised of custom actions, stocks, barrels, triggers, muzzle brakes, suppressors, tuners and the like.

    Note: All guns must be legal under applicable Federal, State and Local laws.




    Front rests may contact the fore end of the rifle forward of the trigger guard. Rear rests may support the rear part of the rifle. The rests may not be attached to the bench or rifle in any way. Return-to-battery rests will not be allowed. A bipod attached to the rifle is allowed as long as it is in no way attached to the bench, One-piece rests will be allowed.

    A bench shall be a rigidly constructed table appropriate for bench rest shooting competition. All benches at a given range will be as close to identical as is practically possible.

    Eligibility of Competitors. No competitor may be required to be a member of any organization in order to compete in a match. The Match Director may remove any person who violates Safety or Sportsmanship rules.

    Targets. The targets used will comprise 10 or 20 bulls per page and be of home computer printable size such that the participants can ‘print and shoot’ at their own will. The scoring rings will be as follows: 10-ring is 0.100” diameter, 9-ring is 0.300”, 8-ring is 0.550”, 7-ring is 0.850”, 6-ring is 1.200” and the 5-ring is 1.600”. One or more rings may be a solid color. Target paper should be heavy enough to resist tearing, and 67lb Bristol is recommended, is economical and readily available. It is approximately 0.008” in thickness.

    C. Match and Course of Fire.

    A Match will generally consist of 10 or 20 record bulls, an unlimited number of sighters may also be fired if sighter bulls are provided on the match target. The Match Director will choose the targets for both 50yd and 100yd match each month and may occasionally set other match parameters. There will be a monthly "Palma" style match for those who enjoy the challenge.

    Scoring will be by ‘best edge’ method, which is further described as any bullet hole that touches (tangent to) a scoring ring will be scored as the higher value. For example, a bullet hole that touches the 10-ring will be scored as a 10. Any bullet hole that takes out the 10-ring in its entirety will be scored as a 10-X (10.01 on the scoring matrix). Thus a perfect score for a 10-shot match would be 100 with 10-Xs (100.10 on the scoring matrix). Score is counted first and X-count second. Tied scores will be resolved by X-count. For example a 100/5X would beat a 100/4X, and so on. Likewise, a 100/3X would beat a 99/9X. More than one shot on a record bull will result in recording the lower of the scores on that bull. Any other ‘extra’ bullet holes outside of the record bulls will be scored as a - (minus) 10. It is recommended that a scoring plug of appropriate diameter be used.
    Ties will be settled by Creedmoor Rule.

    In the case of a tie score, targets will be compared based on first target number (example 1 of 2, then 2 of 2), and then on bull number. For example Competitors A & B both shoot a 20-shot match, comprising 2 targets numbered 1 of 2 & 2 of 2. They both score a total of 200 with 12 Xs (200.12 on the scoring matrix). The Creedmoor Rule considers scores of individual targets and bulls in strict succession. In the example both competitors score 10Xs on target 1, bull #s 1,2 &3. On bull #4 competitor A scores a 10X and competitor B scores a 10. Competitor A is declared the winner by Creedmoor Rule.

    Referees appointed by the Match Director will settle any disputes that arise and their decision will be final.


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